“$40 Mill at the box office tells the story. Marc was the master of music on the MASTER OF DISGUISE.”

Sid Ganis, Producer MASTER OF DISGUISE

“From the heroic to the comedic, from ”in your face” pop to the sublimely romantic, Marc displays his contemporary and classical background as a true musical Master of Disguise.”

Dan Kimpel, Music Connection

“Marc Ellis is one of the most collaborative composers I have ever worked with. His ability to take an idea and translate it into music is truly remarkable. His musical heritage and background make it possible for him to compose music of many different styles, yet they all ring true and come with heart and soul. Marc is a uniquely versatile talent, not common in today’s musical landscape.”

Perry Blake, Director MASTER OF DISGUISE

Marc Ellis is a true pleasure to work with and a consummate professional. He is focused and efficient as he plies his craft, while simultaneously displaying incredible artistry as he draws from a seemingly endless well of musical creativity. I could not be more pleased with the result of our collaboration. I very much look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

David M. Matthews, Director “N-Secure”

Marc's approach to music is from a story-telling perspective, which, as a director, I completely appreciate. He is always looking at ways to underscore (no pun intended) the story with his musical work and I feel is always successful at it. I'd recommend him to any director or producer who wants to have music that enhances the project in measurable and immeasurable ways.

Michael Lange - Television and Film Director